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Lernaean HarpGuitar

This is an hybride kind of Harpguitar with a 'Classical guitar' neck and an 8 steel strings neck giving a bass and guitar tonal range. 12 sympathetics strings run inside the 8 strings neck up to a jiwari bridge under the top giving then that indian sithar sound. There's also a bank of 8 treble strings on the top with individual fine tunners and sharping levers.

Tops: Western red cedar for the classical side
    and Sitka spruce for the steel strings side

Back & sides: Ovengkol
Classical neck: Spanish cedar
Steel strings neck: Amahogany
Heads veneers: Macassar ebony
Fingerboards: Indian rosewood

Bridges: Indian rosewood
Binding: Indian rosewood
Purfling: Black and white
Pickups: 4 custom made pickups from Pick up the world,
  with individual preamps, volume knobs and outputs

lernaean34 lernaeanfront lernaeanback

lernaeand3 lernaeand7





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