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Cédric Verglas, Luthier          

This HarpGuitar has a main classical guitar neck with easy acces to high notes, a 2 strings kind of fretless bass neck being part of the body and a super treble section with 2 octaves range. Each sections have there own pickups with separate output. The guitar  section is also features an exaphonic pickups system to drive midi devices or  Roland's VG series.

Tops: Red Cedar and European spruce for lyra
Back & sides: Cocobolo
Necks: Spanish cedar
Head Veneer: Cocobolo
Fingerboards: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Lyra Bridge: Ebony
Binding: Indian rosewood
Purfling: White and red
Pickups: K&Ksound et RME

                An idea ...                                        ... some wood ...
          styro insidetka

 ... here it is


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